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web posted November 5, 2018
Here we are just a few days before the Nov 6 election, have you received your tax bill?  Checking last years taxes all we can do is guess what the new ones are going to look like.  What we do know is that the county increased the garbage fee from $80 to $100 and that the car tax for road maintenance fee increased from $20 to $27.  The school operating mills increased and the school bond that was paid off in March remains on the taxes.  If the school bond passes the tax bond will increase a little more than double. Car taxes will also increase  We can guess what those costs will be but won't really know until after the fact.  While we agree many of the needs listed on the bond are long overdue, a major hit like this to the taxpayers should be reviewed and perhaps taken back to the drawing board.  While the county is trying to bring in new business, this proposed tax increase may work against us.  How much money is going to be received from the current school bond,  paid off this year yet still on the tax bills?  These questions should be carefully thought out before we vote on Tuesday.
web posted November 5, 2018
When the primary ended with all the council districts having no challenging candidates I thought all the campaigning was over.   After the primaries were over the council approved placing    a question on the November 6th ballot asking if the citizens want to change the rules from 2 year terms to 4 year terms. Now we have an interesting situation.  If this is approved 3 of the candidates will be elected to 4 year terms with the other 2 having to face a possible challenger in 2 years.  Wonder how they will determine which 3 get the 4 year terms ?   If the citizens had known that those candidates who were chosen in the primaries would have the potential to serve for 4 years without the normal 2 year elections would they have voted for these or if more people would have turned out for the primaries?   No wonder Chairman Campbell is pushing so hard for the 4 year terms.  Who besides the council members benefit from this.  I think Mrs. Blackwell had it right in so many ways.  When was the last time your council member asked you what you want?  When was the last time that your member told you what was taking place and sought your input?  We are to blame as much as they are.   How many of us contact them or try to find them in the community unless there is a problem?  With a 4 year term how often do you think you will hear from them?
web posted October 31, 2018
Elected county representatives should be held to the current 2 year term and if deemed worthy be re-elected at will of the people.
If an official is making bad decisions, regardless of the cause the people should be able to remove him from office as quickly as possible. Allowing 4 year terms wouldn't facilitate quick removal from elected office.
What constitutes a bad decision? This would mean the representative is NOT representing the will of the people.
Government seats and responsibilities were not meant to be cushy, long term stays at the political table.
An elected official represents the people in the community.
The people in this community need to maintain that responsibility of choice of representation* and hold it in the highest regard.
We should not be giving the government yet more authority in matters we are responsible for. That includes original term limits.
Mr. Campbell asked what other counties know that we don’t know…
How about we in Edgefield not act like sheep and lead the way by staying true to what the founding fathers meant government to be, which is what is best for us.
Let's not shun our responsibilities and ultimately give our elected government even more control.
web posted October 23, 2018
I see the county is sporting a new logo. I've seen it around the new county building and even on an ambulance passing through town. I would like to know who thought that design was a good idea? The logo looks like something you would find at a flee market vendor. Upon further looking at it I noticed it has images in the EC, well unless those letters are about ten feet tall and five feet wide you cannot tell whats in the letter. Besides the horrible design, my main question is how much  tax payer money was wasted on this?
web posted October 23, 2018
In response to " If you're unhappy about Christmas Break being pushed back a day, keep your child at home on the 17th.".....
1) Why not make October 5th a half day and not have to make up a day at all?
2) Christmas break isn't really pushed back one day. It is pushed back 3 days. People could have gone out of town at noon Friday (12/14) and will now have to wait till noon on Monday (12/17)
3) Keeping kids out really isn't a good option because of exams that will be held on 12/17.
4) It isn't just a matter of kids in school but also teachers and other employees that now have to stay home for the weekend and go to school that Monday.
5) There's also the matter of making arrangements for the surprise day off for people who would then have to be out with their children since their children aren't at school.

This concert was no last minute surprise (though the school cancellation was) and traffic wasn't a problem (especially in the event of a half day on 10/5). As another person commented, Fox Creek had school, was close to the venue, and (according to the post) doesn't have buses therefore they have MORE traffic whereas a bus holds a number of people.

I can understand make up days for weather (like the recent hurricane) but I guess now instead of just snow/weather days we have "Luke Bryan Day".
web posted October 17, 2018
A new bond in the amount of near 55 million dollars is being requested to fund some projects at our schools but I'm curious.
If the 1991 bond for new school construction was paid off in March 2018 shouldn't property tax decrease at that time, or at least until a new bond is approved?

One reason cited for the new bond issuance is the population growth in certain areas of our county.
One of the problems with trying to attract growth to an area verses allowing natural growth is the strain it puts on our public services. For example, we now have schools ill equipped to handle the population boom (particularly in the Merriwether area) thus the need for additional space/funding becomes crucial and immediate. These new residents chose to pay some of the highest property taxes in SC. Oddly enough, that newly generated tax revenue isn't enough to cover the strain placed on our school system.

Edgefield has seen steady, dependable growth for the past twenty years. It is not in decline and certainly in no danger of becoming stagnant. Allowing for the natural ebb and flow of population growth is better than going out of the way to attract people. It's certainly better than gambling by building big manufacturing parks that go unused and neglected the vast majority of the time (which ironically enough,coincides with the property tax break given to the occupying corporation).

Edgefield should build on uniqueness and TRY to stay small, not the other way around. The majority of the people that live here didn't choose Edgefield because of restaurants, shopping, or amenities. We're here because of the peace, the quiet, the lack of strangers, the lack of busyness, the lack of pavement, I could go on.

Why this incessant want to keep up with neighboring towns and cities? Not only that, but why does administration have to hire a person or a firm (for the sum of ninety thousand dollars?) to generate a comprehensive plan for the county? How many *needed* new walkway canopies could that money have built at our schools, without having to raise property tax?

Simply speaking and listening to the people that live here would suffice in finding out what is really needed/wanted.
The survey Edgefield County Council conducted a few months back should have told a great deal about what the citizens actually want. (see link)

Subdivisions aren't a good fit for our little town or the rural parts of our county either yet we have another one approved for construction. Tell me where we'll be in a few years with school growth due to this approved subdivision? Another property tax increase perhaps? Does the firm or person hired to assess the county's needs even take this into consideration or shall we hire another in a few years to tell us that we need a bigger school to accommodate all the new growth we've attracted? Perhaps another bond in the staggering amount of 55 million dollars will be *needed*?

Growth never results in lower taxes or keeping taxes low, as so many like to claim.
We pay enough in property tax.
Can we stop TRYING to attract growth?
Growth will come naturally, just as it always has.
web posted October 16, 2018

I guess the new rules for running for homecoming queen backfired. It didn't eliminate as hoped.
web posted October 15, 2018
The school district shut schools down on the 5th because the Highway Patrol recommended it. The school district DID NOT come up with this idea on their own. The same people complaining about this would be complaining if a student driving home or a school bus was in an accident because the schools did not close. If you're unhappy about Christmas Break being pushed back a day, keep your child at home on the 17th.
web posted October 5, 2018
The fact that Fox Creek has no buses increases traffic, it does not reduce traffic, since all of the students have to either drive or be driven to get there. Had the entire district been on half day on 10/5 and made up the half day on 12/14 the buses would have run 2 days. Since the district closed down for 10/5 the buses will still run on 12/14 which will be a full day and additionally run on 12/17 which will now be a half day. There were zero bus miles saved by shutting down.
web posted October 4, 2018

I think the previous poster answered their own question. The Edgefield County School District has to run buses those 22+ miles and Fox Creek does not have buses.
web posted October 3, 2018

I just read online that even though the entire school district is shut down for the concert on October 5, 2018 that Fox Creek is on a half day schedule that day. Fox Creek is less than 4 miles from the concert site and Strom Thurmond is a bit over 20 miles away with Johnston Elementary +/-22 miles. I am sure this must make sense to someone, but not to me.
web posted October 2, 2018
I really didn't believe what I was hearing, but obviously it's true, closing the school on Oct.5 is ridiculous, the concert doesn't start u till the late afternoon, so why not let kids have school. Making it up for Christmas is not fair to the children nor parents,that look forward to this break and have plans. I like Luke music, but closing schools are not fair.  Please reevaluate the situation...
A puzzled Parent
web posted September 28, 2018
Subject: They're kidding, right?
You could have knocked me over with a feather. I just heard and looked it up because I did not believe it that Edgefield County Schools will be closed on October 5 to accommodate a Luke Bryan concert that will be in the Sweetwater Community on that date. According to information online, that concert is not until 6 p.m. at Misty Morning Farms and they are going to shut down the entire school district. The students will now not get to start their Christmas Break until December 18 in order to make up the day missed and if plans were already made for the holidays, I guess that's just tough. Yes, the calendar allows for the 14th and 17th to be used as makeup days, but shutting down for a concert and inconveniencing thousands? Makeup days are typically used for bad weather incidents or utility calamities, not a concert. At the very least the powers that be could have closed the schools half a day, made up the half day on 12/14, and people would not have to change long standing plans or simply skip school.
web posted September 24, 2018
I wonder what happened to that cute/ugly duck at the town walking track that used to wag its tail when you had bread? 
If he's gone, I'm going to miss him!  He looked similar to this: