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Let the Web Browser Battle Begin - Part 1: The rise and fall of IE and Chromes climb to the top

By George Craig
web posted March 30, 2015

TECH PROFESSOR Ė Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Fire Fox and Opera all have at least one thing in common, you canít surf the internet without them. A web browser is any program that is used to access the internet. The ones I mentioned above are only a few of the most popular ones that are out there. With a quick search I was able to find able over 100 different web browsers.

There are so many choices and something for everyone. With so many out there Iím going to just focus on the 5 most widely known ones.
Weíll start with IE (Internet Explorer). Just about every person on the planet has seen the blue e. Internet explorer is the default web browser on every Microsoft Windows computer. Up until last year IE was the most used but has since passed the torch. IE was the King of the hill, Emperor of all. Starting in 1995 and taking the world by storm, It looked like there would never be an end to the big blue e. Peaking in 2002 IE had a 95% market share. That means 95% of all people surfing the web used IE. In 2002 an estimated 596 Million people were online. Thatís 540 Million using IE. Thatís a lot. Today over 3 Billion people are on the internet and IE is used by only 30% which is a little less than 1 Billion users. Thatís even more.

IE has fallen from grace over the last few years. A lot of Vulnerabilities has made it a feast for hackers, viruses and malware. On top of that Microsoft has been slow to bring new features and innovation to IE giving an opportunity for others to rise to popularity. Some say IE is dead and should just go away. I think IE will stick around for a while but it has just been broken for so long that it will never be what it once was.

The vacuum that Internet Explorer left by not adding more features and being slow to fix security issues had to be filled, so in stepped Google. First released in 2008, Chrome quickly gained a 1% market share. With the promise of updates every six weeks, Chrome continued to rise and by 2012 commanded 34% of the world market. As of January of this year, Stat Counter (an online stats company) estimated that Google Chrome has a 51% worldwide usage. That means as of now Chrome is the new king of the hill.

Google started out with a revolutionary search engine that was fast and smooth and decided why stop there. When Google made their own web browser, they started a trend that would lead them through many products. Google now has their own operating system for computers and phones, Internet and cable service, Email, and many apps such as Google Drive and Docs.

Google Chromes two greatest features are compatibility and its ability to sync with everything Google. Chrome will work on any computer be it Windows, Apple or even Linux. I have even seen an iPhone with the Chrome app. Itís good that it can go anywhere but now the sync is what brings it all together. Using a Gmail email account to sign into chrome you can access all of your bookmarked and favorite websites from any computer through chrome. Once you add in all the other apps for Chrome like Drive, Docs and Incognito mode and youíve got a total package thatís hard to beat but not unbeatable.

Next week catch part 2: The race for second or The other 2 browsers.

Until next week, class dismissed.

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