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Internet in the Country

By George Craig
web posted March 16, 2015

TECH PROFESSOR Ė Internet is everywhere these days. Or is it? If you live out in the country then maybe not. There are a lot of wide open spaces that have service options but in our area they are limited. Lets go over some of these.

1. Broadband Cable Internet: Not available. If you live outside any city or town then you know this already.

2. Phone DSL: Not available if you live too far from the phone switch. This might get
just out of town but not far.

3. Phone Dial up: Slow and  more and more websites are too big to make this an     option. This would only be good for checking email and if you have a smartphone     then forget it.

4. Fixed LTE: If you can get this then its a good option. Your cell phone companies    give you a device to put in your home that uses your cell phone companies cellular    network for internet. The coverage is spotty and the costs vary from one provider to    the next. I would start with calling your cell phone provider and ask if its available    where you live. If it is then call the other cell companies and get their prices also.    Keep in mind that any internet like this is going to charge by usage.

5. Satellite internet: This is the interesting one. A few different companies to pick fro    with a few different packages. Exede and Wild Blue are both owned by ViaSat and    are offered in different parts of the nation. Exede is faster than Wild Blue and is    running on a newer satellite. Both services start around 49.99 but both have different    plans.

HughesNet has been around for a while and is fairy well known. Iím not going to lie,    the reviews are not good. I myself had Hughesnet about 4-5 years ago and it was    not a great experience. Plans with Hughesnet also start around 49.99 with a contract of course.

Last but not least is the new comer in satellite internet dishnet. Satellite TV provider Dish network started internet service in 2012 and has had good reviews so far. While I donít care for their TV line up, the internet side looks good. plans start at 39.99 for 5GB per month.

Anytime you're looking at getting internet service, you want to ask for all the details of the service. Questions like what are the installation fees and does that price include the equipment are good ones to start off with but donít forget to ask about usage caps, limits, overage fees and are the speeds consistent. Make sure to shop around. Do your homework on prices and service because you're probably going to have to sign a contract and will be with this company for a while. Here is a good link about satellite internet: http://www.bestsatelliteproviders.com/satellite-internet-providers/. This site is bias toward Exede but it still has a lot of good info.

In the end, take your time. Don't do anything right away and don't let pushy salespeople talk you into more then you need. If all you do is some web surfing and email, then you donít need the most expensive package they have.

Until next week, Class dismissed.

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