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Teachings of the Tech Professor

Email, Spam and the Evils Within

By George Craig
web posted March 9, 2015

TECH PROFESSOR Ė Email, email and more email. Thatís what the world is turning into. Over 120 Billion emails are sent every day. 98 Billion of those emails are spam. Thatís over 80% of all emails sent every day. No matter how you slice it thatís a lot of Spam.
Despite the constant barrage of annoying emails about discount prescriptions in Canada and lonely people in your area, they are not the problem. Most of those are just like ads on TV. They are annoying but they just want the chance to sell you something. The problem is the emails that look innocent, that are the ones that can ruin your day. The email will look legit at first glance but most of the time if you look closer you will see itís not what you thought it was. 

A dead giveaway is typos and bad grammar. Any professional company thatís sends out emails will have had their emails proof read before sending. So if it looks like the person who wrote the email has English for a third or a forth language, itís probably safe to say itís not legit. Also look at the senders email address. If itís not any email address you know then donít open it. If the email said itís from Netflix but the email address does not end with @netflix.com, then itís not from Netflix. Always look at the sending email address.
Half of the bad or phishing emails you get only want your email account information so they can send out more spam.  Iíll share with you why. Spammers get paid per click. Some can make as much as $7,000 per day. They want your email account to send spam from because all their email accounts keep getting flagged. In this situation they donít care whatís in your inbox. They donít have time to read your emails. Theyíre busy trying to send as many spam emails as possible.
The other half of those emails are the big issue.   

These are the people that want your money. Theyíll do this one of two ways. They are going to try to get you to put your information into the computer (Email address, name, Social Security number, date of birth and credit card or bank account info). It starts with an email that look legit from someone saying you owe them money or to get this great deal and then you click on a web link in the email and next thing you know your bank account is empty.

The second way is when you click on a web link in an email or just any place on the email it will download a virus to your computer that gives you a popup telling you that you have viruses and to clear them you need to buy some program or that you owe the FBI money for downloading stuff from the internet. Never ever open these emails. The FBI will not send you an email. If the FBI wants to talk to you they will knock on your door.
In the end the best rule of thumb is, if you donít know it then delete it. I would rather delete one important email then compromise my email account, computer or my identity.

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