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Search for Missing Merriwether Woman Expands to CSRA

web posted September 26, 2014

MERRIWETHER Today marks day seven since 37-year-old Tamera Sue Kingery left the family's Mealing Drive home to go for a walk last Saturday, leaving behind a note that read: "Going for a walk, be back soon, love you." After reading the note, Kingery's husband Park told News 6 that, "I knew something wasn't right." The note was written in her normal handwriting and it was unclear why the simple note disturbed the husband.

Tamera left her belongings behind including her cell phone and pocketbook but did take her house keys. Investigators have reviewed some of the phone and determined that some text messages had been deleted. They have asked for a search warrant to inspect the contents of the phone and her activities prior to her disappearance.

During one of her husband's interviews with local TV news stations, Park said he believes his wife may have taken her own life because she was on anti-depressants and had been "unhappy" lately.

It was that fact that the Sheriff's Office kept out of public releases and simply listed her as being "endangered". For the husband to release the information about her mental instability has raised more questions as to why he would do it and how he felt it would help the investigation. Withholding the information could help investigators weed out tips that may just be mistaken identities or someone just trying to feel important by making a claim that was bogus to start with. However, if someone mentioned her condition, something that was not release to the public, it  would give that tip more credence and would have been acted on faster.

But now that "tool" is useless since the public is now privy to information investigators did not want released.

Investigators have spoken to Park Kingery, Tamera's husband, during the investigation but have not interviewed him in depth at this time. They said earlier in the week they did not consider him a suspect in her disappearance.

According to a source, News12 told investigators they received an email from someone claiming to be Tamera stating she was in a home in Aiken County and "needed help". That lead came back unfounded. Two earlier reported sighting, one on I-20 and another in Clarks Hill also turned out not to be her.

Investigators continue to follow leads and the search for Tamera, but are no closer than they were Saturday morning when her husband reported her missing.

The search has spread to all surrounding counties in the CSRA in hopes that someone may have spotted her and just not reported it yet.

Anyone with information on Tamera Kingery's location or whereabouts is asked to call the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office at 803-278-1625 or 803-637-5337 or your own local law enforcement agency where she was spotted.

According to Edgefield Daily readers who also follow FaceBook, they say Facebook posters are pointing the finger at the husband as having something to do with her disappearance. "That's what everybody (on FaceBook) is saying," one told Edgefield Daily Thursday.

Edgefield Daily will continue to follow this story and will have updates as they become available.

Sheriff's Office Still Seeking "Endangered" Missing Woman
web posted September 23, 2014

Local TV News Coverage following our Breaking News Report
News 12: Mother of three still missing out of Edgefield County

News 6: Husband Of Missing SC Woman Organizes Search Effort

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