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The Secret Weapon of the Carolinas

web posted July 11, 2018
GARDENING -The Carolinas, especially South Carolina, has always been known for its beautiful, sandy beaches.  There are also numerous other things these coastal waters are known for, but many do not know the secret plant that lies in the marshes and wetlands of these coastal waters.  The Venus Fly Trap. 

Most see this unique carnivorous plant in a garden center, in cute little pots ready to take home and place on your window sill.  These plants are actually native only on the Carolina coast found in the under-story of the forest found in the marshes and wetlands during the summer months. 

The Venus Fly Trap loves its roots moist and its soil acidic.  This plant also enjoys lots of humidity and sunlight. The window that gets the most sunlight in your home would be ideal for this plant,  Most would consider this plant a tropical, but it is actually considered a carnivorous wetland plant. 

The Venus Fly trap got its name from the plants love of small insects and also, Venus, meaning "goddess", because people felt the beautiful flower was like a goddess of other plants. This goddess of a plant can also eat small frogs, spiders, ants, beetles, and slugs.  Though many ask if The Venus Fly trap can eat fingers.  Technically, no.....but the Trap can actually digest human flesh. 

This plant only gets to be five inches in diameter, and six stems with hinged leaves with the edges lined with little teeth.  The shells on each of the stems almost resemble the look of a little clam shell that can lock down on it's prey.  It uses the red lining in its shells to lure in prey and has a fragrant nectar scent, which, is very appealing to small creatures.

Once the trap is closed and the plant has its victim, the sensory hairs on the plant actually have to be touched at least three times before the plant begins digesting its prey.  Then, it takes one to two weeks for the plant to digest everything.  Once done, it spits out the leftover parts.  Once the plant has four to six meals, the leaves begin to turn brown and fall off.  No worries though, as long as you see new growth coming behind those leaves you are all set.  If not, this could be a sign of overwatering, not enough sunlight, or repotting and transplanting too often. 

Make sure to visit your local garden center and check out these cool little plants !

Next time in Mandy's Friendly Garden, we will discuss the Japanese gardening style and how you can create your own Japanese Garden!

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