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The Florist Shouldn't Be The Happiest Person At Your Wedding

By Amanda Whatley Owen

web posted March 19, 2018
GARDENING -  Spring, when the flowers bloom so does love and wedding season.  Are you, a family member, or close friend, planning a wedding?  Anyone who has dealt with the cost of a wedding knows how expensive they can become, especially the flowers.
I got married in October and decided to save on the cost by doing all of my floral arrangements myself.  I decided to use silk flowers, because I could buy them along, when they were on sale, at Hobby Lobby, and I could do them months before the wedding.  This allowed me to focus on other things.
For what a florist with real flowers wanted to charge me for my bouquet and throw bouquet, I was able to do all my bridesmaid bouquets, groomsmen boutonnieres, family corsages, family boutonnieres, and more!
In this article, I have made an arrangement to discuss how you can simply create your own wedding bouquet.  This bouquet is a unique, darker style than your traditional spring and summer bouquets, which, ordinarily would be filled with bright colored daisies, roses, and lilies.
This bouquet has an assortment of gladiolas, roses, moss fern, and palm pieces with a darkened hydrangea.  I wanted an even more unique touch, so I added peacock feathers to the arrangement.
 031918Gardening1  031918Gardening2
When creating a bouquet, or any other arrangement, a general rule of thumb is that, greenery and filler pieces are a must.  I have seen so many bouquets where there is no greenery, or filler piece such as lambs ear, baby's breath, or dusty miller.  The filler pieces and greenery are what help complete the look of the arrangement making it look fuller and more natural compared to just having a handful of flowers.
I used the palm pieces and moss fern as my greenery in this example, and deep purple carnations as my filler pieces with lavender cat tail plant pieces. My primary focus in this arrangement would be the purple gladiolas as well as the pop of peacock feathers hidden behind, and within, the greenery.  For me, the feathers were just enough for that splash of uniqueness, that I always personally enjoy.
I used the roses and the one hydrangea as my accent flower pieces, these pieces help emphasize the main piece, and fill that size gap between the larger flowers and the filler pieces.  This is important to ensure no gaps are created especially due to the sizes in flowers.
 031918Gardening3  031918Gardening4
I always remove the leaves from my stems.  The leaves from the gladiolas, roses, and hydrangea, tend to intrude on the arrangement, not letting the flowers that you selected, stand out.
I place the center pieces in my hand first, then half my filler pieces.  Then I add my accent piece, followed lastly with filler and greenery pieces.  Once, all in my hand, I fluff it out.  If needed, add an extra piece here and there.  Then, around the collar of the plant, I used a pipe cleaner (so you could see it better).  Normally, I would use floral wire, which can be found in any floral department.  Then cut the bottom of your stems to the desired length.  I always wrap my open stems with tule to add a clean touch.
Besides all the fun you can have by doing your own arrangements, you get to add your unique, creative touch, making it even more special.  The ton of money you save is just icing on the wedding cake.
Next week, in Mandy's Friendly Garden,  we'll talk about how to spice up your entrance area, patio, and planters to be Master's-Week ready.

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