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Fun Kid's Projects While Enjoying Spring Break

By Amanda Whatley Owen
web posted April 2, 2018
GARDENING - Spring Break for me as a child was always a fun time to be outside in the yard exploring, and playing.  I always loved playing in my little garden on the side of the house planting daffodils. keeping the weeds out, and turning the soil to keep it fresh.  While you may have your own little helpers in the yard this week here are three fun garden activities to try, you may even enjoy doing them yourself. 

Garden in a Glove
garden in a
1, Plastic Clear Glove
2.Five Cotton Balls
3. 3 to 4 seeds of 5 different kinds
4. water
5. Marker

1. Wet your cotton balls then wring them out
2. Divide your seeds three to four in each pile
3. Roll the cotton ball in the seeds to have the seeds stick to the cotton ball
4. Put a cotton ball in each finger of the plastic gloves after rolling them into the seeds
5. Blow up your glove and close with a twist tie be sure to also label each finger with a marker so you know which finger is which seeds
6. After about a week the seeds start to germinate you can then cut the tips of the glove and take the cotton ball and germinated seed and plant in potting mix or peat moss and keep moist and watch it grow.

The Worm Motel

1. Empty 2 Litter bottle
2. Sand
3. Dirt
4. Water
5. WORMS !

1. Cut the top off your two litter bottle, but keep the part you cut off.
2. Layer the sand, and dirt in alternative layers once you get toward the top put the part pf the bottle you cut on back in lid up.
3. Continue to layer sand and dirt in the bottle around the part that you cut.
4. Add your water and you can even screw the cap off and add water this way to make sure it seeps down in the soil and sand good
5. Add your worms

The cool part about this project is over time you get to see the layers start blending together by the worms

The Sponge Grass House

1. Sponges
2. Knife ( adult supervised)
3. Large Plastic clear container ( like a cake container is perfect)
4. Fast growing Grass seed (Rye, Fescue, or you can get the bags of patch grass seed mix at your local garden center)
5. Marker
6. Spray bottle with water

(pictures above to better explain)
1. Mark out your parts for your house on your sponge
2. Cut your parts out, your pieces should be able to just slide together without using any glue, tape, etc.
3. Slide your parts together in your plastic container if you can
4. Now with a spray bottle spray your little sponge house down with water
5. Sprinkle the seeds on the areas of the sponges you want the grass to grow
6. Pput the lid on the container to create a greenhouse effect.
7. Be sure to constantly, keep the sponges moist and watch your grass house grow

We would love to see some pictures of your garden projects!

Next week in Mandy's Friendly Garden, we will discuss fruit trees and bushes!

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