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Feb Aiken

Cupid On the Cheap
By Amanda Whatley Owen
web posted February 12, 2018

GARDENING Valentine's Day, the day where people express their love for their significant others, as well as their family and friends.  It is also the day that the most flowers are sold compared to any other day of the year.  The problem is, that it's the season where the flower prices are the highest compared to any other time. I have always been a budget-type person, always asking myself, what look or effect can I get at a fraction the cost? 

Roses, are the number one flower used at Valentine's Day.  While roses smell so delightful, and have the traditional, romantic look, you or your loved one might just want a nice flower arrangement.  I wanted a nice, simple arrangement for my dining room table to represent Valentine's Day but I refuse to pay $100.00 for an arrangement. 

Most grocery stores have a floral section with nice flowers at half the cost.  The flowers used below, I picked up from Publix.  Publix always has a great selection of fresh floral and they have the 3 for $12.00 deal.  I got three different bunch of flowers for only $12.00. 

As far as what to create your arrangement, you can put it on in a vase with some fresh water, or you can make an actual arrangement.  Once I got home, since I wanted an arrangement, I went to my rainy day craft items that I had been saving.  These are items that I purchased throughout the year whenever I ran across a deal.  (You can find some treasures at the Salvation Army store too!)

I already had the wet foam piece, which can also be purchased at Walmart, Dollar Tree, or even Hobby Lobby for as little as one dollar. I also had a wonderful wooden decorative box that I picked up from Hobby Lobby on sale a few months ago.  I found a small plastic bowl that would hold my wet foam piece and keep the water from ruining my wooden box.  It fit perfectly!
I took one bunch of assorted flowers, like daisies and lilies, and created the shape with those.  When creating the shape to an arrangement, start with your tallest point to the arrangement and put that flower in place.  I used the astatic lily from the assortment as my tallest focal point. 
021518b -
I then went along using the daisies to create a dome shape.  Then, after I created my dome, or my arrangement outline, I filled in with red carnations. 

Carnations are an awesome Valentine flower with a gorgeous color selection at a quarter of the cost.  Maintaining the shape, I went around the work piece plugging in carnations for that little burst of red throughout the arrangement.

I purchased some baby's breath and used it, with some hints of greenery as my filler, filling in any open spaces to give the arrangement a fuller look.  Also, use filler to go along the base of the arrangement, or the collar, to cover up the top of the container that houses your masterpiece.
201218c -
There you go!  Simple, elegant and literally a fraction of the cost.  Enjoy your Lover's Holiday and buy yourself some chocolate with the money you just saved.

I'll see y'all next week when we'll start preparing for Spring by cutting back some of our shrubs, in Mandy's Friendly Garden.

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