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Junk Pile or Treasure Pile…What Do You See
By Amanda Whatley Owen

web posted January 15, 2018

GARDENING –  With the cold months upon us most gardens are not requiring as much attention now as compared to the rest of the year. As we talked about last week, this is a good time to start your spring prepping of tools, getting your planting station prepared, and lightly cleaning and prepping the garden for the spring plants to come.

As a horticulturist, staying organized and following a schedule helps keep a wonderful, clean, picture-perfect garden for all to enjoy.  Some may be using this time to clean out sheds, rooms, or cabinets in your home, but don't take all your "junk" away so quickly!  Here are a few ideas on how to turn your "junk" into garden treasures. 

Some of my favorite planters are old pots, cups, and pans.  A few of these might require drilling drainage holes.  You can even spray paint some of the pots and pans to have colorful, cool, funky planters for your flowers.  These are great for kid's fairy gardens, or even to plant select vegetables and herbs for container gardening.  Old tea cups, mason jars, or even just old cups always make great succulent planters to place in the window sills of your home. Broken pots also make great touches to fairy gardens.


Do you have some old tires, wheelbarrows, or pallets laying around?  Old tires make excellent planters and can also be painted or even stacked on one another to create different heights.  I have seen walkways lined with tires filled with flowers and it added such a unique, beautiful look.
In my own yard, one of my most talked about beds is the one where I got an old wheelbarrow and turned it over to create the illusion that it tipped over and flowers fell out.  I have known others to leave their wheelbarrows upright and simply fill with dirt and put their plants in it.

Gardening 011518-1 
Old wash tubs, or bath tubs can be turned into excellent raised gardens, or made a part of a water garden.
Pallets easily make raised beds by placing on the ground and filling the inside of the pallet with soil.  Plant your plants between the boards to help keep them from being overtaken by weeds.  You can also control the nutrition your plants receive by keeping them raised.
Another pallet idea is to line the pallet with weed fabric and fill with dirt and hang on an outside wall to create a vertical garden.  Vertical gardens are great for select flowers, fruits, and vegetables, such as strawberries.
One of my favorites is the old bicycles that have been painted leaning on the trees with flowers coming out of the basket of the bike.

Lastly, old bed frames or ladders, which can be painted any color you chose, are perfect to go in the garden as trellises for climbing plants.  These will add a height difference in your garden for a gorgeous touch.  Once, in a friend's garden, I saw a metal-framed day bed that had the pretty knobs on the post.  It was a shiny white, and her clematis were growing on the frame.  This was so unique, and added such a gorgeous touch to her garden.
I'd love to hear about some of your unique ideas.  Email me at edgefielddaily@att.net.
Next week in Mandy's Friendly Garden, we'll talk about the awesome benefits of the eucalyptus plant and how it can help us.

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